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I am inspired by the relation between aesthetic response and forms of human behavior in everyday society. I seek to produce unexpected visual forms to gain attention and force intellectual effort to motivate the viewer to find a deeper message in the artwork thereby demanding active participation in the construction of the viewers reality.


Born in 1972, South Africa. Sashenka studied a BA in Psychology but had always been drawn to the visual creative expression of emotion. She painted informally in the studio of Laurens Barnard renowned artist and film maker. There, she refined her own visual and conceptual vocabulary that emerged through her focus on the points of human interaction, expression and emotion.

Sashenka’s work can be found  in corporate and private art collections in South Africa, London, Spain and Argentina. She will be participating in her first exhibition abroad in New York in July 2013. She currently lives and works in Pretoria, South Africa

Sashenka Playing on the beach
Sashenka  Class requirement (2)
Sashenka Birds are good luck
Sashenka Confuseddimensionalitysaatchi
Sashenka Washdayartavita
Sashenka Workandsubstancequench
Sashenka Charlie
Sashenka Puttosleep
Sashenka contemplation
Sashenka No regrets
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