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Art Book Submission



Coffee Table Book

Submissions are NOW OPEN!  
The deadline to submit is NOV. 5, 2021
OR until pages fill.
Artists and the public will be able to purchase a hard copy and or a digital issue in DEC. 2021
NOTE: The Artist's submission fee does not include a copy of the book.
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$59.00 Per Submission
If your work is not accepted your submission fee will be returned.

Submit Your Artwork and Photography 

Dan Tocher.jpg

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The left side is the one page you will receive with one submission fee of $59.00

You may purchase an additional 2nd page for $30.00 more giving you the two page spread


This is an example of what a two page page layout will be.

How to Submit your images 
and text.

AQM 2020.png

ArtQuench is known for publishing high quality magazine issues and we are very excited about the AQM coffee table art book!

How it works;

ArtQuench is in search of artists and photographers who’s work represent originality and give an inspirational value.


Artists may submit 2 images, artist name as they wish it to be published, and one contact. This can be either email, website or social media link to also be published.


1. SEND;  2 Images, Text 200 words or less, Artist Name and contact info. to be published

NOTE: If you purchased the additional second page you may send up to 4 more images.


(place your name and “Submission For Art Book 2021” in subject line)

2. Pay the submission fee using the

"Pay Submission Fee" button above.

(Be sure your name is the same as your submission in paypal OR add your artist name in the paypal notes)

NOTE: The entry fee does not include a copy of the book. Accepted artists will be notified when the book has been published and will be given a link to purchase copies. View the past issues on this page. 

If your artwork is not accepted for some reason then your submission fee will be returned.

Please allow up to 48 hours to receive your confirmation. Artists who are accepted into the AQM art book will have their images shown here on the official submission page below.

We look forward to your submissions!

Stacia Gates

And The ArtQuench Team


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To View Current Submissions


Pierre-Paul Marchini 2021 art book -1.jpg

Pierre-Paul MARCHINI

Rick Hurst 2021 Art Book   VITAMIN E - One of the essential building blocks of life.jpg
Rick Hurst 2021 Art Book   STELLAR REBIRTH - A guiding light in troubled times.jpg

Rick Hurst

Rick Hurst 2021 Art Book   5th DIMENSIONAL VIBRANCY - Inspiration and creativity.jpg
Rick Hurst 2021 Art Book CONFLUENCE – Life forces converge and meld in the dark void.jpg

Rick Hurst

Rick Hurst 2021 Art Book   The VOID - On the brink... in the far recesses of time and spac
Rick Hurst 2021 Art Book  LABYRINTH – Feast on the complexities...  then explore your inne

Rick Hurst

Sonoran Desert Sunset- Arizona.JPG

Hovik Khodabakhshian

Sunshine After December Rain- California landscape-  .jpg

Hovik Khodabakhshian


Brendan Cuffe

Image (1).jpeg

Brendan Cuffe

earth gallery.jpg
earth gallery1.JPG

Joanne Lesak

earth gallery7 (3).jpg
joanne paintings 151.JPG

Joanne Lesak

web site photos Joanne54.JPG
Joanne web site proofs 021.JPG

Joanne Lesak

Reaching For The Helicon (c) Eliora Bousquet - Acrylic on canvas - 2020 - 50x50cm.JPG
Hortus atlantis (c) Eliora Bousquet - Acrylic on canvas - 2020 - 50x50cm.jpg

Eliora Bousquet


Arris Grace Hodge

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