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Enter your artwork in the Cover contest 

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The AQM Art Books

$5.95 per image 

You may enter as many times as you like.

Submit your Art and Photography 

For a chance to Win The Cover of 

The AQM 2020 Art Book! 

"An Artistic Journey Into the Future"

SEND your images to artquenchsubmission@gmail.com "cover contest" in subject line

Pay your entry fee through the paypal button.

$5.95 per image. 

NOTE: Be sure that your name on your payment is the same as your email submission with your images and it is a good idea to add your artist name to your paypal notes.

Once we have received your images and payment we will post your entries here on the official contest page below.

A winner will be chosen in January 2020

The winner will be notified by email. The winner will be given a 4 page spread to display their work along with 500 words. The winner will receive one copy of the AQM art book and announced at www.ArtQuenchMagazine.com 


We look forward to your submissions!


Best Regards;

Stacia Gates

And The ArtQuench Team 

               Current Entries                 

Andre McKee

Red Tales: Flowers For The Unsung 3

Andre McKee

Distorted Rainbow

Andre McKee

Journey's Of The Mind 3

Andre McKee

Prince Of Spring: Duo Tone 2

Andre McKee

Freedom 2

Krikor Tchay

Missed Opportunities/Rewind


Mixed media on canvas

Carole Boyd

Dance of the Cranes

8" x 10"

Digital Painting

Carole Boyd

Morning Ride


Digital Painting

Andre Mckee

Digital Dreamscape 2

Andre Mckee

Chicago Dreaming 3

Rick Hurst


Rick Hurst


Andre Mckee

Atlantis Dreaming 2

Andre Mckee

A Simple Design

Stevie Parker

Jennifer Bilek

Gina Williams


Andre Mckee

Abstracted Beauty 2

Stevie Parker

Stevie Parker

Abstracted Beauty: Profiled 3

Andre Mckee

Eduardo Fujii

The Gardner

Andre Mckee

2020: A Space Odyssey



acrylic on canvas 




MIX ON wood

50x180 cm