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Born, raised and educated in a small town in northern Germany I was fortunate to grow up in an

artistic family, with an Architect for a father and Photographer for a mother. During my childhood

our family spent most holidays traveling through Europe and beyond, visiting museums, galleries,

ancient cities, caves and even cemeteries were occasional on the agenda. Despite the wish of my

parents to study art or architecture I opted to study the field of law while mingling with the local art

scene in my spare time. Back then I met my husband with whom I ventured on an amazing journey

around the world until that day when we decided to call Australia home.

After settling in Australia I felt the need to combine vast experiences with my inner urge for

expression and decided to paint, starting out with a series of “happy watercolour paintings”,

designed for our new home, family and friends. From then on painting became my passion,

resulting in the production of mostly loud work, with a strong relationship between land, life and

beyond. In 1997 beautiful but time consuming motherhood curtailed further artistic ambitions;

however, when time allowed I continued to produce colourful creations on canvas, paper or board.

Since 2010 my love to play with imaginations, fantasies, colors, texture and perception of the natural

world – real or unreal – intensified, taking my work to another, more experimental level.

Today my main objective is reflection but in more than one way: I like to integrate the past, the here

and now with the unknown as it relates to future, space or time, questioning what might be ‘out

there’ or not. By using several techniques and not being constrained to a certain style but remaining

faithful to a particular subject/topic, my paintings almost become alive, allowing visual interchange

of connectivity to the viewer, by their own ability to reflect the soul. Approx. 2 years ago I decided

to ‘emerge’, introducing my work globally by entering international art competitions, resulting in a

number of various art awards and publications in hard cover books and art magazines (Art Buzz –

The Collection 2012/USA, Art in Vouge 100 Contemporary Artists/UK, Featured Artist Vol. III/USA,

Best of Worldwide Abstract and Mixed Media Artists/USA, Art Buzz – The Collection 2013) and my

paintings ‘got hung’ in several local and international art exhibitions. My next venture to display my

work will be an exhibition at the Amsterdam Whitney Gallery in NYC, which I am very much looking

forward to.

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