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 I am a self-taught Artist from India. When i started painting, my gaze
was focussed on I, Me, Myself.  What came out on canvas were abstract images
of my thoughts and ideas...gradually the act of painting, gently nudged me
to look beyond myself. My encounters with outside world and experiences got
assimilated in my universe. Thus the act of painting helped me to expand the
locus of my gaze. What started as an intense personal exercise also became a
tool for expressing my social concerns.
I love to paint abstracts. To me, abstract images come from a space very
deep within me and these seem to me more real than the physical terrains
that I have visited.  Five basic elements of Nature i.e. Water, Fire, Earth,
Air and Space form a constant theme in my art.    To me, painting is not
about colour, form or technique.  It's about the life as I experience it and
the urge to share my faith in its tremendous beauty and joy.  Depending upon
the image that I feel compelled to bring out on canvas, colours techniques
and textures follow naturally.

Neena Singh 3  Floating in the liquid darksuspended against will or dream-36''x60''-Acrylic on canva
Neena Singh Living on the edge (I) (2)
Neena Singh 1  Untitled Acrylic on canvas - 36''X50'' (2)
Neena Singh Living on the edge (2) (2)
Neena Singh 2  Acrylic on paper - 21''x29''
Neena Singh 4  Hope - Acrylic on paper - 22''x15''
neena Singh 8  Untitled - 36''x 24'' - Acrylic on canvas
Neena Singh 5  RETURNING - Water colour on paper - 15''x11''
Neena Singh 6  Serenity 30''X30'' Acrylic on canvas
Neena Singh 7  Untitled - 21''x29'' - Inkl  Acrylic on hand made paper
Neena Singh 10  Untitled-14''x20''-Acrylic  ink on paper  2012
Neena Singh 9  Untitled 24''X36''-Acrylic on canvas
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