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Stacia Gates artwork exhibition GDCA Gal

Welcome to the monthly Art contest page where you can enter for a chance to be a

"Featured Artist" at

Being a "Featured Artist" means you get to tell your back story and showcase your artwork to the ArtQuench International following to include galleries, collectors, art lovers, entertainment professionals and many more!

ENTER your image of your artwork by clicking the paypal button and send in your entry fee of $5.95 per image.

Next,send your images to

You will receive a response within 24 hours and you will be able to view your artwork here on the monthly contest page!

Each month an artist will be chosen to tell their back story and publish their artwork at

A winner will be chosen an notified by email soon after each monthly contest has ended. (See the contest date below)

Be sure and add your name to the ArtQuench mailing list to receive updates and invitations!

We look forward to viewing your artwork.

Stacia Gates

And The ArtQuench Team

The entry fee for each image is $5.95 U.S.

Current Entries for

Oct.1, 2019 - Oct. 31

ArtQuench Art Contest

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