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If I were to describe my creative process of how and why I paint and

print as I do, I would say that it is like fragments under the skin. For

that is how I see the paintings and prints because they are layered with

submerged elements.

I work with a wide range of images that seemly have no connection. In

truth, the only connection is that my hands, eyes, and mind were

involved. The images I use are based solely out of things I have seen in

my environment that interest me. They are cellular in the fact that they

each are separate entities in their own right. Most of the paintings are

based on photos I have taken. A glimpse of something while driving,

something mangled and ruined by time. I photograph it to preserve it. The

visual vocabulary of my paintings are made up of memories and photos.

I find I am fascinated by the odd thoughts that stick to one’s mind; the

odd decaying billboard or the red rusted sign, the animal dead by the

side of the road, a warm memory of somebody we loved. It's these floating

fragments that make up my image. I've taken the brief glimpses from my

mind and pieced together the puzzle of these remnants.

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