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British born Hélène Buttling has worked as an artist painter for over 35 years and has

exhibited both in international exhibitions in France, Italy, Poland, galleries in Britain and

solo exhibitions in Paris and the South West of France. Her work has been selected by

the European Commission for Arts for an exhibition in St. Petersburg, Russia and in 2014

the online gallery Saatchi chose her work as one of fifty artists for their collection of

contemporary impressionist artists.

She is fascinated by light and shape which invariably determines the subject whether a

landscape, portrait or still life, the light comes first, but more and more she is drawn to

architectural studies with their angles and contained spaces. She aims to capture the light and

atmosphere of a subject, a moment captured in time. Working mainly in acrylic medium and

pastels gives her the opportunity to work with both brush and palette knife and enjoy the tactility

of dry medium to give an impressionistic style.

She worked in graphic art, near London in the 1970s and in marketing in South Wales,

where she moved with her husband before becoming an independent artist. She moved

to France in 1992 and has exhibited in numerous local and European shows, including

several in the Chateau Talleyrand in Chalais, Charente. One of her paintings was also

selected by the bank Crédit Agricole for the opening of their bank in Salgau, Germany.

She has a permanent exhibition of her work at her gallery/studio near Chalais, southwest

France, where she has taught art for the last 16 years.

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