In many ways I have directed my approach to and practice of art. As is often my habit, I start out as doing something and then, after I've been at it a while, I study to find out how others do it and think I should be done. These studies have been with Paul Bridenbaugh, Eileen David, Noah Buchanan, and Julie A. Andrews. I strive to create art that resonates as well as appeals, which adds color, beauty and joy to life, and perhaps brings a smile to someone's day or helps them question their assumptions. I hope my art makes you think, smile, laugh, or cry, that it touches you viscerally, reaching your mind, body, and spirit. I strive to produce the best of which I am capable. However, like life, I believe our best work cannot be sterile, crisp, clean, devoid of vitality, but necessarily will be difficult, uncomfortable at times, and viewed most honestly warts and all.

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