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 Aimee Cozza is a freelance illustrator from the Southern New Hampshire region. She retains a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree majoring in illustration granted from the New Hampshire Institute of Art. Originally from the Boston area, Aimee attended the Manchester college with bright hopes to continue honing her skills. Since graduating, she has been working towards refining her skills, and feels she will forever be learning. Aimee currently creates bright, vivid pieces, usually digitally, for a variety of uses. She enjoys creating standalone works as well as series. She also enjoys creating graphic novels and comic books.................... "My illustrative works vary through a range of digital and traditional means to create a complex system of layered, textural effects that echo the diverse conceptual meanings behind them. Although often saturated and "light", they often reveal a hidden agenda and display a darker meaning. Most often, these meaningsevoke feelings of loneliness or sadness, despite the candied exterior. Often, in these pieces, a single character exists in the environment around them. These characters exist as distinctly removed individuals which causes a schism between person and place, only connected by an environmental conversation through emotion or interaction. These individuals explore a vivid world where comfort and trust is only found in the world about them and the realization of beauty in the dissonance invokes this feeling. These concepts of beauty versus ugliness form a certain duality of extremes of emotion, forming a sense of lonliness and endearment at the same time. This tension of placement and person causes the veiwer to pause and contemplate the weighted reality of these ideas and their placement in their everyday lives."

Aimee Cozza the warmth
Aimee Cozza nebulaic
Aimee Cozza 03 topcity3sm
Aimee Cozza the city
Aimee Cozza claudefirefly
Aimee Cozza maintenance
Aimee Cozza claudesfireflies
Aimee Cozza controllerboard4
Aimee Cozza craft 256
Aimee Cozza divide_finalsm
Aimee Cozza magnetism
Aimee Cozza redux
Aimee Cozza sirus2_finalsm
Aimee Cozza solar flare
Aimee Cozza starmap2-3
Aimee Cozza victhebutcher_finalsm
Aimee Cozza billboardfinallarge
Aimee Cozza gingervitis
Aimee Cozza porthole
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