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As a child I liked to draw like all children do. In elementary school the teacher noticed my talent and begun to direct my education to art. When I had finished my elementary education I started 5-years education at Art School, and continued at Academy of Art in Sarajevo, Brussels and Amsterdam. As a young artist I have traveled many countries In Europe, visiting museums, learning from the old masterworks.


Currently I live and work in Denmark.

Sami Gjuka Birth of Venus, oil on canvas, 150 x 110 cm,
Gjuka Sami - Birth of Venus, oil on canvas, 53x41 cm
Sami Gjuka Forest Cathedral oil on canvas 160x120  cm - Kopi - Kopi
Sami Gjuka Dance of Nature 160x125 cm oil on canvas
Sami Gjuka BATH oil on wood 74 x 57 cm - Kopi
Sami Gjuka Career Woman oil on canvas 80 x 100 cm
Sami Gjuka Silence  oil on canvas 60x80 cm
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