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I am an artist who loves the faces of people, the eyes are truly “the window of the soul”. I have studied many styles, yet the one thing that fascinates me the most is color. No matter how much I work and play with it I am always surprised by the combinations and intensities. I have a tendency to photograph and paint people of color. One reason is the rich and vibrant color combinations in the skin tones. I was raised in WY, but have lived around the United States, including Tucson, AZ; Washington DC; New York City, San Francisco, CA; and Uganda, Africa for 3 months volunteering. While living in Washington DC, the “artist” in me came alive. I moved to NYC and started attending the School of Visual Arts where I got my BA in Illustration. Next I started working on my MFA in San Francisco where I attended Academy of Art College and worked on my MFA. Moving back to NYC, I pursued my love of photograph and painting for 7 yrs. My travels have included Egypt, South Africa and Uganda, Africa. While traveling abroad, I had the honor of photographing a number of people. Many of the children and people live in poverty stricken conditions. Hopefully I have done some justice in photographing the beauty and wonder of these great people.

Marv. L. Roussan Rugby Blues DSC00127-001
Marv L. Roussan Sultan DSC00146-001
Marv L. Roussan The Gift 419113-13783375-7
Marv L. Roussan Green Man DSC00405
Marv L. Roussan Girl with Green Eyes DSC00423
Marv L. Roussan Girl in Blue Dress DSC00149-001
Marv L. Roussan Begotten 419113-13783275-7
Marv L. Roussan African Queen DSC00421
Marv L. Roussan Ugandan Dancers DSC09089 (2)
Marv L. Roussan Christmas Day DSC09429
Marv L. Roussan Baby Joe DSC09641 (2)
Marv L. Roussan Kneeling Girl DSC09102 (2)
Marv L. Roussan Morning in Africa Africa-Swaziland 088
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