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HAIKU THREADS SERIES / Using vintage thread from the days when my father worked as a milliner in New York City, and stitching through the canvas over collaged paper, I have created a series of paintings that express my haiku ideals of awareness of the moment and of simplicity. 

Marian Yap WabiSabi2
Marian Yap Celadon
Marian Yap Cinnabar2
marian Yap Raku_1#3ok
Marian Yap Red1i (2)-ok
Marian Yap Hibiki(Echo_YAPok
Marian Yap Bamboo_YAPok
Marian Yap Hibiki(Echo_YAP
marian Yap Raku_1#3
Marian Yap SHIMO-Frost5
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