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JW Najarian, Has worked for the forest service, was a guinea pig for Navy Aerospace, was a maintenance engineer at a famous 1920’s style theatre, worked for many small and fortune 500 companies as a computer specialist and network engineer, worked as a commercial real estate loan rep and assistant appraiser and now runs a media company producing On Purpose Magazine with thousands of subscribers, a commercial real estate group with tens of thousands of members and a veterans group with over 40,000 members. He has been on philanthropic boards and was a lead organizer for one of this nation’s largest food giveaways. He interviews celebrities and bestselling authors and tries to help vets find jobs and resources. JW is a survivor of child abuse and a 5 year addiction. More recently (April 2013), JW has been diagnosed with a very aggressive stage 4 prostate cancer and is currently undergoing treatment. “I believe that my journey and my diagnosis is a gift that has helped me become more grateful, forgiving, empathetic and more alive than ever. I see the world and the universe in a whole new way and I have been able to come to grips with a terrible self worth and self loathing and I am glad to be able to say that I can now own my story and drop the shame and blame.” JW’s art is just as eclectic as his life and he tends to see the beauty in wonder in everything and loves to show it off with his camera. JW’s goal is to leave the planet a little better for being here and the greatest gift he has ever received is when he is told that something he did or said made a difference in another’s life so JW loves to interview create in his writing, photography and his projects something that can changes ones mood for the better for a second or a lifetime.

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