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Jennifer Bilek is a contemporary American portrait artist. Born and raised in New York City, Jennifer has honed her skills as a painter for over 35 years. She has mastered the magic of creating intense, colorful, and passionate portraits that capture the mystery within each of her subjects. . After studying formally with Vladimir Bachinsky at the Woodstock School of art, where she won a two-year scholarship to attend the school and with acclaimed American portrait painter, Daniel Greene, Jennifer created serial portraits of the renowned performance artists, Linda Montano. From 1984-91 she painted 17 portraits of Linda, in a collaborative project exploring the seven charkas of the human spine. . Jennifer’s work as a portrait painter culminated in the creation/ownership of a unique studio/gallery in the Hudson Valley of New York state, welcoming spectators into her workspace to watch her paint. The studio was open from 1982-1989. An unusual and eclectic program of study over the years has provided Jennifer with a uniquely versatile style in rendering work for her clients. She is adept at producing portraits that are realistic, formal, and conventional, as well as those that are more representative, symbolic, and illustrative. The majority of her paintings are part of private collections in the United States and Europe.

Jennifer Bilek
Jennifer Bilek Derrick Jensen Cymotrichous
Jennifer Bilek Portrait of Andrea Siegal
Jennifer Bilek Portrait of Diana Hartel
Jennifer Bilek Portrait of Giulia Bianchi
Jennifer Bilek Portrait of Jason
jennifer Bilek Portrait of Kaleb
Jennifer Bilek Portrait of Kyle
Jennifer Bilek Portrait of Linda Montano - Yellow #1
Jennifer Bilek Studio Model
Jennifer Bilek Portrait of Willy Rose
Jennifer Bilek Portrait of Meghan
Jennifer Bilek Portrait of Robert Manenti
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