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In the past few years I have been painting images derived from my travels and projecting my views for the future. All of these countries have been affected by technological developments and population growth. As a result, their life styles have been changed either due to environmental shifts such as large power plants and dams, or politically enforced such as relocation of farmers into government built city dwellings. We all have been affected by global changes, some more than others. The imagery presented in my paintings is reflective of our times as is the technique used. All paintings in this series are a combination of photographic transfers and oil on canvas. All images are derived from my photography and juxtaposed to create the desired image. I have received my B.F.A. and my M.F.A. Throughout the years I have shown in galleries and museums in the midwest.

Jacqueline Moses Transitions-Enchanted Rock
Jacqueline Moses 2 Integration-Infusion
Jacqueline Moses 3 Globalization Affects-St Louis
Jacqueline Moses 4 Globalization Affects-9_11
Jacqueline Moses 5 Globalization Affects-Remnants
Jacqueline Moses 6 GLOBALIZATION AFFECTS Africa 2 oil 54__x66__2005
Jacqueline Moses 7 Turkey-Armenian Remnants (2)
Jacqueline Moses 11 New Zealand Havelock-passive submission 24__x18__
Jacqueline Moses 8 Turkey-Cappadocia (2)
Jacqueline Moses 12 New Zealand Hector-west coast of south island 24__x18__
Jacqueline Moses 14 Iceland Ingolfshofdi 54__x66__
Jacqueline Moses 13 Iceland-Ingolfshofdi Black Sand Beach (2)
Jacqueline Moses 19 Iceland The Trolls  18__x24__
Jacqueline Moses 20 Schoodic-Acadia o.k.
Jacqueline Moses 21 Eagle Lake-Acadia
Jacqueline Moses 22 Petrified Forest
Jacqueline Moses IMG_2223 o.k.
Jacqueline Moses IMG_2193
Jacqueline moses IMG_2223
Jacqueline Moses IMG_2218 o.k.
Jacqueline Moses IMG_2195 (2) o.k.
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