I am a self-taught contemporary abstract painter, and I also enjoy working in photography and writing poetry. I am a full professor of Hydrogeology at the University of Parma (Italy). Therefore, my mind is studying the Nature and its phenomena, it is observing, calculating and modelling. My hands are touching the water into and outside the rocks, they are measuring parameters to understand. My eyes and nose are capturing the colours and the perfumes of hydrocarbons into the Earth, as resource or contaminant. At the same time, my mind is observing, admiring and loving people, my hands are exploring women, my nose is tasting humans. Strategy and instinct, water and fluids, rocks and meat, hydrocarbons and humours, subsurface and human interior, everything immersed in the colours, in the silence, in the invisible, in the untouchable absorbed by my skin, by my soul. So that immiscible experiences are undistinguishable experiences, leading to unexpected, informal artworks in which the signs and the forms of the Nature become my languages to describe and talk about human's life, emotions, desires.

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