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Eric is an artist developing a series of work that highlights the abandoned places of the Northwest. Regarding his art work Eric says “My art is not simply observational. It has always been exploratory and experiential. Experiencing a place in order to understand it is something that has to be felt rather then just seen. It comes from a drive within for a deeper understanding of life around me. Visual layering in the artwork is a revelation of the process that leads to a fuller knowledge of the subject. The final artwork is the effort to share the emotion found in these places. Hidden within each abandoned space I explore is a part of an unraveling story Abandoned homes don't just represent decay but speak to much bigger issues of life like temporality and the relationship between the earth and our bodies. The abandoned spaces are relics of the environments we created. In the midst of this search is the desire to connect these places back to the people, the people that shape the world of our future. That is to say, the artwork is only fully complete when it connects with my viewers.

Eric Demattos Windmill House Blue Room COR
AQ Winners Oct. Vibe Eric Demattos  Memories
Eric Demattos HEAD SHOT (2)
Eric Demattos eric and Carla (2)
Eric Demattos Farm House 4mb
Eric Demattos Half School House Rain
Eric Demattos Nestled
Eric Demattos Diamond House Ceiling CAFE
Eric Demattos Pocket Watch Transfer
Eric Demattos Baby and Sunflower
Eric Demattos Blue-Jump
Eric Demattos eric combine THESIS
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