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I am a functionalist in the art world. I look at all the pieces as a whole, the same way

an orchestra director hears all the components that make up a symphony.

Throughout the years of being a commercial and fine artist, I have acquired many

skills in art: photography, photoshop, painting, printing, etc. My pieces combine all

aspects of my talent in order to show how amazing a simple moment in time is.

Some pieces may include more photography than painting and visa versa. Various

art works of mine include details created on rocks, water, ice, and any other

unconventional canvas surface. The small details in life are often missed and I

chose to capture them with the use of color and texture. While blending is a short

lived process, the blending of colors is photographed while still, or in motion on the

various surfaces. Afterwards, I take my art and use Photoshop to incorporate all the

aspects of my piece in one; the same way a musician combines vocals with

different instruments to create a song. My goal in this art process is to force the

viewer to question the art and then to become artists themselves.

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