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Antonio Anelli lives in Molfetta , a small town in Puglia. Puglia is a beautiful region of Italy, the birthplace of famous people around the world, the designer Rodolfo Valentino, the talented singer Domenico Modugno and the Maestro Riccardo Muti. Puglia is washed by a beautiful sea, that releases fragrance everywhere. The area is full of olive trees and in spring colors of many flowers fragrant. This my beautiful region has inspired me and continues to do so daily in the realization of my works , made with acrylics on canvas . Antonio Anelli, graduated at Art Institute of Bari, is an established painter and respected in Italy and abroad, and has participated in several events among which are the personal at the Municipal Art Gallery of Gravina (Bari ) , at the town of Lanciano (Chieti) , at the gallery Arte Spazio in Sassari and at Margutta Palace in Rome. In addition, Antonio Anelli’works have been published in directories and catalogs of modern art, specialized magazines and some Italian newspapers.

Antonio Anelli  3_Primavera in riva al mare_50x100
Antonio Anelli  2_Ulivo a primavera_30x40
Antonio Anelli  1_Ulivi a guardia del mare_60x120
Antonio Anelli  OK   9_Il grande ulivo a guardia del mare_30x40
Antonio Anelli  10_Girasoli in riva al mare_40x60
Antonio Anelli  OK   14_Girasoli e ulivi_70x70
Antonio Anelli   OK    15_Primavera_70x100
Antonio Anelli  OK   13_Il grande Ulivo_70x70
Antonio Anelli  OK   22_Paesaggio a primavera_40x80
Antonio Anelli  21_La barca rossa_40x80 (2)
Antonio Anelli  OK   23_Strada che porta al mare_50x70
Antonio Anelli  24_Ulivi sulla collina_30x40 OK
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