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I am a multi media artist creating out of my home studio in Germantown, MD,USA since 2003. I began painting in 1993, without formal training, as a way to express myself, due to chronic facial and jaw pain. I began to see forms in the paint and enhanced them, until I realized that i was a painter. I showed my paintings to friends and they encouraged me to continue. I explore my emotions and experiences via painting, as well as imagined natural and abstract landscapes, of the soul and of the real world. Sometimes using layers of watercolor paint. I sculpt the colors and shapes into textures and forms that make sense for the world of the piece. I will sometimes use blocks of color to symbolize how the world makes me feel. Earlier paintings include many studies of clouds, energies and colors in motion. More recent paintings are studies of tropical and natural landscapes, and studies of energy inspired by the tropics and music. My body of work ranges from subline cloud and floral themes to intense struggles between darkness and light-to mysterious and frolicking tree forms- across the color spectrum from exquisitely subtle pastels to vibrant and exotic earth tones. When I paint, it is an emotional experience and I get lost in the world of the painting.

Amy Jackson liveoak
Amy Jackson sundaymingus
Amy Jackson hanabeachmaui
Amy Jackson dreamsea3
Amy Jackson dreamsea4
Amy Jackson rage2
Amy Jackson belizesandborecaye
Amy Jackson mortallayer
Amy Jackson haiti
Amy Jackson 63rising
Amy Jackson tolteca
Amy Jackson godzone
Amy Jackson dreamsea2
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