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I have dedicated myself to study and the pursuit of temporality within art. The past 10 years have been a search for my own history within the faces, hands and narratives of others. The methodologies of my personal process have provided a sanctuary of intellectual freedom and ownership of singularity, which defines my subject matter still. Finding contentment within printmaking has provided a vehicle for crystalizing my experience of the world into something tangible. I have exhibited my work at the Academy of Fine Art in Beijing, Leeds College in the United Kingdom, the Diego Rivera Gallery in San Francisco, and Gallery 825 in Los Angeles. I am currently living in Los Angeles and working on a new series of intaglio portraits expanding my knowledge of soft ground techniques.

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Amy Elizabeth Harper Untitled
Amy Elizabeth Harper i let it go2
Amy Elizabeth Harper photo1c
Amy Elizabeth Harper unlearn
Amy Elizabeth Harper 0005 Untitled
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