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It is the word "ridiculous" that best captures the brilliance of Alice's joyful and bizarre works, as oddly charming characters journey through abstract lands, some strangely adorned with tiny bottles (part of a batch of 5000 recycled insulin bottles Alice felt inclined to buy!) Alice holds degrees in Graphic and Interior Design and teaches art.

BunnyManYr3000 Alice Lee
Beneath the city Alice Lee
BunnySprouts Alice Lee
City Sunset Alice Lee
ClusterPhobic Alice Lee
CalaverasNewcomer72 Alice Lee
crops and oil Alice Lee
Komplimentary72 Alice Lee
Sleepless City Alice Lee
Seeing Red72 Alice Lee
SandyStorm Alice Lee
RebarBouquet Alice Lee
RainbowRain Alice Lee
OneHalfHouse Alice Lee
UpintheAir Alice Lee
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